Send Cookies! The 20 Best Mail Order Cookies Online!

Yes! You can order the best gourmet cookies online for delivery from some of the best bakeries in the country! Since we first featured these bakeries on Eat Gift Love, Food & Wine recently named many of them among the best mail order cookie retailers in the country. From Levain Bakery in New York City to Cookie Society Bakery in Dallas to Eat Salty Sweet Bakery in San Francisco, our list will help you find locally famous cookies made by gourmet regional bakeries that ship nationwide.

Now your only decision when you order gourmet cookies online is deciding whether to order cookies that are rich, rustic, elegant or whimsical. We’ve got your choices and geographic spread covered in the list below. Let’s send cookies!

Mail Order Cookies Online from the Best Bakeries in the Country!

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Gourmet Cookies Delivered by Salty Sweet Bakery
A Gift Box of Favorite Cookie Classics!
Order sugar Cookies online from Salty Sweet Bakery
Bestselling Sprinkle Sugar Cookies
Assorted Gourmet Cookies from Salty Sweet Bakery, San Francisco
A Cookie for Every Craving Platter!

Send your love and save 10% on your *entire order.* Use code EGL10. Sweet!

Quality, consistency, and just plain deliciousness makes Eat Salty Sweet Cookies the best gourmet cookie on our list. These are the cookies you send to your best friend, your best client, your favorite college kid, or any currently beleaguered parent and get raves every time.

Our readers and reviewers are huge fans of Salty Sweet’s whole line of gourmet cookies which includes their sophisticated take on the classic chocolate chip cookie, but then they upped the ante by creating the incomparable Caramel Crunch Chocolate Chip Cookie. This gourmet cookie starts with a classic chocolate chip cookie batter and then adds their signature crunchy toffee/caramel/salty chunks that takes this cookie to the next level of craveability.

These sweet but not too sweet cookies are made with house-made vanilla, and all the finest, buttery ingredients you would expect in an exceptional cookie. Crunchy on the edges with a soft-baked, chewy middle, every cookie is topped with delicate flakes of sea salt.

If you want a classic chocolate chip cookies, the Salty Sweet version uses Guittard chocolate chips that layer throughout giving each bite the perfect dough to chocolate ratio. We also love the Oatmeal Raisin cookies (“Best I’ve ever had” said one taster), the Dark Chocolate cookies (“Deeply chocolate without being too sweet’) and the Spicy Cinnamon cookies which absolutely live up to the name. Gluten-Free and Vegan cookie options are available too, and they are just as delicious as the classic versions.

Order the assorted gourmet cookies gift box of ten, 4-inch-wide cookies (1.5 pounds, $30 << psst…you get 10% off if you use promo code EGL10!) that includes a selection of their top four best-sellers. Each individually wrapped gourmet cookie comes in its own clear cellophane envelope so you won’t mind when eager tasters paw through the selection to find their favorite.

Order Gourmet Cookies online at Salty Sweet Cookies!

Pricing: A box of 10 individually wrapped assorted gourmet cookies $30.

Shipping: Cookies ship Monday through Friday via USPS Priority (2-day shipping) and USPS Priority Express (overnight shipping).

Free Shipping on Orders 50+!

Order Cookies Online! Order gourmet cookies online at Eat Salty Sweet Bakery.

In San Francisco or sending to someone there? Have your cookies delivered to your home or office the same day!

Big Chocolate Lovers: Chocolate Chip, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip
Imagine opening a gift box of one dozen cookies
Choose either the Big 4-inch cookies or the Classic 2.5-inch size
Sweet Girl Cookies will make you feel like a kid again, that is, if you’re like me and always tried (and still try) to choose the biggest cookie on the cookie plate. These award-winning gourmet cookies are generously big—4.4 ounces, and they cry out to be enjoyed with a big glass of milk or cup of coffee for dunking. Each cookie tends toward a dense cake-like texture, and each flavor is packed with chips. The middle of these cookies (even their classic 2 ounce cookies) is one inch thick. We measured.

Along with the Chocolate Chip cookies, you can choose from the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt (a brownie-like cookie made with Valrhona dark cocoa and Ghirardelli bittersweet chocolate chips. It delivers a subtle and delightful “ting” of salt on the tongue), the clever Lemon Blueberry White Chocolate Chip cookie, the White Chocolate Cherry Chip cookie which is baked with tart Montmorency dried cherries, and a hefty Oatmeal Raisin cookie.

If you order a dozen of these 4.4 ounce cookies that’s over three pounds of cookies. Too much? No worries. You can also order the smaller, (but still big!) 2 ounce, one dozen Cookie Assortment. We know, that’s still a pound and a half of cookies, but you or the lucky gift recipient won’t regret it.

Order Gourmet Cookies online from Sweet Girl Cookies!

Pricing: Order a dozen, individually wrapped Best-Selling Assortment (or select your favorite flavor) $37.

Shipping: $5 Flat-Rate Shipping for orders up to $70. $10 Flat-Rate for orders $70+.

Send Cookies! Order gourmet cookies online for delivery from Sweet Girl Cookies

Best Mail Order Chocolate Chip Cookies Online from Bake My Day Bakery
Order Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies
Best Mail Order Cookies online Delivered from Bake My Day Bakery
Surprise! A Gift Box of Award-Winning Cookies
Best Mail Order cookies online - Gift Box of Cookies from Bake My Day Bakery
Order A Gift Box of Bake My Day Cookies for Delivery

 Southern comfort. Those are the words that come to mind when enjoying the award-winning cookies from Bake My Day. This small, family-owned bakery in Mobile, Alabama is turning out fresh-baked cookies made from scratch of the quality, look and taste I wish I could consistently produce in my own kitchen. In fact if a guest were to swoon over these (spoiler alert—they will) and assume I made them, I wouldn’t exactly rush to correct them.

What’s the secret to the homemade goodness? Using tried and true southern recipes passed from mother to daughter going back four generations. Imagine a cookie baked perfectly golden brown, just pulled from the oven, and given time to settle back into itself. This results in cookies with a slightly crisp edge that gives way to a tender and rich soft-baked middle. Tempted? This will seal the deal: your order includes free shipping.

Available in assorted flavors including classics like Chocolate Chip, Toffee Pecan, Oatmeal Raisin, and Funfetti Sugar, we also suggest your order includes the Sweet-n-Salty Chocolate Chip cookie studded with pretzel pieces. It’s their most popular cookie, and after one bite you’ll know why. Cookies weigh in at 2 ounces each and are nearly 4 inches wide. If you decide to buy a dozen for the kids, and keep an extra dozen all for yourself in your secret snack hiding place, well, I won’t tell on you if you don’t tell on me.

Insider tip: November through January they offer their ah-mazing Fruitcake Cookies. We had a summer tasting preview and our experience was summed up by one reviewer who said, “These just made me a fruitcake lover.”


Mail Order Cookies Online at Bake My Day!

Pricing: Buy one dozen individually wrapped cookies for $35.

Shipping: Free Priority Shipping!

Send Cookies! Order gourmet cookies online at Bake My Day Bakery.

Gourmet Cookies Delivered by Cookie Society
Perfectly spiced Sweet Potato Cookies
Order Chocolate Cookies online from Cookie Society
Peppermint Hot Chocolate Cookies
Order Cookies and Cream Cookies online from Cookie Society, Dallas Texas
Customer favorite Cookies and Cream Cookies

You know what you become when you are a professional cookie reviewer? If you answered “chubby” I won’t argue the point, but I was thinking of a different word: Picky. Primadonna level picky.  When a shipment of cookies arrive we first consider the box. Is it a box we feel a gift recipient would like? Then we unbox the cookies. Do they look high-quality? Irresistible?  Do the flavors offer something out of the ordinary? Is the cookie made with quality ingredients that you can taste in every bite? How much does each cookie weigh? How wide? How thick? Texture: crunchy, chewy, soft baked or a combo? When we finish one do we eagerly reach for another? We’re happy to report Cookie Society cookies surpasses every standard we set.

Named one of Oprah’s favorite cookies in 2020, these are hefty 4 ounce cookies (that’s a quarter pounder cookie!), four inches across, with a dense, soft-baked texture with an excellent bite that can also hold its own dunked in your beverage of choice.  Our surprise favorite: the chewy and perfectly spiced Sweet Potato Pie Cookie.  Sounds weird. Taste ahhh-mazing. Another surprise: Peppermint Hot Chocolate, a brownie-like chocolate mint cookie that pulls off the nearly impossible stunt of tasting like the iconic Girl Scout Thin Mint cookie. Bottom line, even our toughest reviewers agree:  Every flavor is “bangin’.”

Order Gourmet Cookies online at Cookie Society Bakery!

Pricing: $38 for one dozen 4 ounce cookies

Shipping: Cookies ship Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday only, 2nd day FedEx

Order Cookies Online! Order gourmet cookies online at Cookie Society Bakery.

Gourmet Cookies to order online  from Levain Bakery
Order Chocolate Chip Cookies Online from Levain Bakery
At 6 oz each Levain Bakery Cookies are big!
Box of Gourmet Cookies to Order Online from Levain Bakery

Levain Bakery’s gourmet cookies push the limits of the definition of cookie. They have been described as “Molten Cookie Dough” for their barely baked middles that ooze with warm, sweet goodness.

Weighing in at 6 ounces each, the cookies are the size of generous muffin tops. Each flavor is rich, buttery, super-decadent. We had the fun of standing in line to enter the teeny tiny New York store to order one of each flavor—Chocolate Chip Walnut, Oatmeal Raisin, Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip and Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip. I was lucky to have a posse of eager tasters with me. The edges have a slightly crisp cookie texture that gives way to an interior of cookie/cake-y crumb. The cookie’s center is a barely baked oooey goooey celebration of sweet. This is not a cookie for the faint of heart.

Cookies come wrapped in a jaunty cellophane bag, four to a bag. “Just four?” you ask. Trust us, at their generous size and weight four Levain cookies weigh a pound and a half which is likely more than a dozen daintier cookies.

Order cookies online at Levain Bakery!

One Dozen Assorted Gourmet Cookies - Mail Order Cookies from Milk Bar Bakery
A Dozen Cookies Delivered in a Snazzy Window Tin
Assorted Cookies on Serving Plate - Order  Online from Milk Bar Bakery
It Looks Like I’m Sharing…But I’m Not
Mail Order Cookies from Milk Bar Bakery
Strawberry Shortcake Cookies are back!
Hurry! These sell out fast.

Bon Appétit magazine calls Milk Bar “one of the most exciting bakeries in the country.”

Quirky and delicious with a nod to your favorite tastes of childhood best describes the colossal and craggy cookies served up by Milk Bar Bakery. Founded by James Beard award-winning pastry chef Christina Tosi, Milk Bar Bakery first opened its doors in NYC’s East Village and quickly developed a national fanbase.

Corn flakes, Lucky Charms, Fruity Pebbles, Cap’n Crunch—all have made appearances in Milk Bar cookies. Or maybe you’ll enjoy the chocolate and butterscotch chips, potato chips and pretzels in their famous Compost Cookies. (Here’s the recipe compliments of head baker Christina Tosi if you’re interested.) These are the perfect cookies to order for the kid in all of us. Note, when you order a dozen ($36), your cookies will be shipped in a snazzy windowed tin that you’ll be happy to keep! They also have gluten-free cookies too.

Order Gourmet Cookies Delivered from Milk Bar Bakery!

Pricing: One dozen gourmet cookies, individually wrapped and shipped in a snazzy windowed tin: $36.00

Shipping: $12 flat-rate shipping on all orders nationwide (+$3 for Saturday deliveries)! Plus you can order now and choose your arrival date.

Send Cookies! Order cookies online from Milk Bar!

Cornflake-Marshmallow-Chocolate Chip Cookie
Decorated Sugar Cookies Delivered

Spring Daisy Sugar Cookies. Easter Basket Ready!

Order Oatmeal Cookies Online

Oatmeal Cookie Pies with Vanilla Cream

Order Cookies Online from Elle's Belles

No matter the sentiment, there’s a Cookie Emoji!

A favorite in her home state of Montana and included in Oprah’s list of favorite things, Elle’s Belles bakery was launched in 2003 in Bozeman, Montana. We’re showcasing her decorated sugar cookies, but Elle’s Belles is also known for their creative tarts, cupcakes, pies, brownies and more. They use the best, all-natural ingredients in every small-batch order of goodies.

Order Sugar Cookies online at Elles Belles!

Pricing: $40 and up.

Shipping: The usual shipping options, but look for free shipping promo codes at the top of each web page. You could get lucky!

Buy Sugar Cookies Online! Order sugar cookies online at Elle’s Belles via Goldbelly

Danny Macaroons, New York, New York

Steaks, Best Food Gifts on Amazon

These are the same top-secret macaroons chosen by Manhattan Fruitier for their gourmet gift baskets, but we tracked them down for you and here they are: Danny Macaroons in New York City. These naturally gluten-free, organic, handmade, super premium macaroons will ruin you for any other macaroon. These golf-ball sized beauties come in flavors from old-school classic to “how in the world did Danny think of that?” We predict these macaroons will be the MVD (most valuable dessert) of the holiday season.

Order Cookies for Delivery from Danny Macaroons!

Pricing: $30 and up

Shipping: Free Shipping from Goldbelly!

Take me there! Order Danny’s Macaroons via Goldbelly. Also available in 24-count via Amazon.

Best Mail Order Cookies Online at Amazon, Macarons
Leila Love’s Gourmet Macarons Available on Amazon

Can you really find gourmet cookie gifts at Amazon—the same place you turn to to stock up on Chips Ahoy? Turns out you can. Leila Love Macarons are delicate meringue pastry cookies made of almond flour, sugar and egg whites, sandwiched together with delicious fillings made with high quality chocolate or seasonal fruit fillings made with no preservatives or stabilizers. Each cookie is individually wrapped for freshness and presented in a fancy box.

Order Leila Love Macaron Cookies online at Amazon!

Fruitcake Available on Amazon

Fruit and Cookies Basket

Assorted Mini Cupcake Gift Available on Amazon

Baked By Melissa Mini-Cupcakes

Assorted Mini Cupcake Gift Available on Amazon

Amazon carries Mrs. Prindables!

Most Elegant Cookies: The Finer Cookie, Montreal, Canada

Free Shipping on Orders of $75+ to the US & Canada!

Gourmet Cookies for Delivery - Mail Order Cookies from The Finer Cookie Bakery
A Roundup of All-Time Favorites Delivered in an Elegant Box!
Order Pumpkin Spice Cookies Online from The Finer Cookie Bakery
Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Chip Cookies. Brilliant!
Gourmet Brownie Cookies, Order Online from The Finer Cookie Bakery
Chocolate Brownie Cookies with Bittersweet Chocolate Chunks

They may be temporarily closing the US/Canadian border, but that won’t stop you from sending your love to friends and family. The Finer Cookie has your back as well as the most delicious gourmet cookies in Canada.

The Finer Cookie’s owner and baker Kimberlie Robert has turned her development kitchen into an imaginarium of gourmet cookie flavors you won’t find anywhere else.

Our tasters fell in love with the Sour Cherry Amaretti, the spicy Chocolate Molé, and the Bacon Fat Ginger Snaps, a cookie that will introduce you to a whole new taste craving.

The cookie menu updates seasonally so there are always new flavors to discover. Check out the Coffee Shortbread, Salty Sesame and Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies with Bacon.

Each cookie flavor is packaged by the half dozen so you can easily build a gift box that includes a terrific selection of unique cookies. And you can choose to send your gift in a tasteful gold-trimmed box of white, pink or robin’s egg blue that clearly announces something special has arrived.

Based in Montréal, Québec, Canada, The Finer Cookie ships their gourmet cookies to the U.S. Orders of $75 or more ship for free.

Order Cookies online for delivery - Bacon Fat Ginger Cookies
Bacon Fat Ginger Snaps

Order Cookies Online at The Finer Cookie!

Pricing: A half dozen gourmet cookies: $12.95 – $14.95

Shipping: Cookies are shipped Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays for orders received before Wednesday 10am (EST) via Fed Ex, DHL, Purolator, and the US Postal Service. Whenever possible, your cookies will be shipped 2-day delivery. Overnight service is available upon request. Orders of $75 or more ship for free!

Send Cookies! Order gourmet cookies online from The Finer Cookie

Mouth, Brooklyn, New York

 Decision fatigue? Yup, we know. So Mouth curated the gourmet cookie gifts for you by bringing together their customers’ favorites: Brownies from Greyston Bakery, Heart-Shaped Chocolate Lollipop by NuNu Chocolates, Raspberry and Hibiscus Marshmallow Cookies, and so much more!

Mouth is famous for curating both sweet and savory gift collections from the best artisans food makers in the country. When we click through their site we get lost in all the new products to discover. You’re bound to find something for everyone on your list.

Order Gourmet Cookies for Delivery & More Online at Mouth!

Pricing: Cookie Gift Collections $50 and up, and you’ll find plenty of amazing sweet and savory artisan food gifts starting at $20.

Shipping: Choose your shipping preference at check out: Standard, Express and Overnight.

Send Cookies! Order gourmet cookies for delivery from Mouth

Insider Tip: Join their email list and get 15% off!

Explore Vosges beautiful limited edition chocolate collections.

Best Mail Order Cookies online for delivery from Cookie Love Bakery
Order Chocolate Lovers Gourmet Cookies Gift Box
Best Mail Order Cookies Online for Delivery - Cookie Gift Box from Cookie Love Bakery
Gourmet Cookies Gift Box
Best Mail Order Chocolate Chip Cookies Online for Delivery from Vermont Cookie Love Bakery
Gourmet Mocha Chocolate Chip Cookies

After many years in the high-end restaurant business (Per Se, Le Cirque, Union Square, Postrio) former New Yorker Paul Seyler was ready for a new adventure. In 2007, he and his family headed north to the little town of North Ferrisburgh, Vermont where they got seriously busy and launched Cookie Love. Their recipes reflect their commitment to local ingredients and clean fresh food.

Cookie Love’s gourmet cookie flavors include the classics like Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal with dried Cranberries, but you’ll also be tempted by Mocha Chocolate Chip, or how about their heartiest cookie named Enduring Love that combines organic coconut with almonds, oatmeal, chocolate chips and dried cranberries. With loyal customers across the country and rave reviews, Vermont Cookie Love is the place to order rich, all natural cookies and frozen cookie dough for lovers of just-out-of-the-oven home baked cookies.

Order cookies online at Vermont Cookie Love!

Pricing: Gift Boxes begin at $39 for 18 cookies which include half a dozen each of their top three flavors.

Shipping: Gift boxes are shipped via USPS Priority Mail, which arrives within 2-3 days to most locations.

Send Cookies! Order cookies online at Vermont Cookie Love

Best Mail Order Cookies online Delivered - Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Online
Order Chocolate Chip & Walnut Cookies
Tray of Gourmet Cookies - Order Cookies Online from Victory Love Cookies bakery
A Few of the Nationally Acclaimed Cookies from Victory Love + Cookies Bakery
Cookie Delivery Online - Soft Ginger Cookies
Soft Baked Ginger Cookies

Food & Wine Magazine named Victory Love + Cookies to their list of “America’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookies.”

Founder and baker Kristy Greenwood bakes delightfully original cookies with the intention to spread love, light, sweetness and flavor “by whatever means necessary.” Her focus has paid off. Her chocolate chip cookies regularly get named to the “best” lists by the media, most recently by Food & Wine Magazine. Greenwood’s irresistible Callebaut chocolate chunk cookies are baked with extra brown sugar for chewiness and a dollop of molasses for added depth of flavor. But if you just shop her chocolate chip cookies without loading up on her inventive shortbread cookies, you are missing a whole world of delicious.

New flavors are being created all the time like Lime Maple Sugar (have you ever?), Salty Maple Pecan Shortbread, and our favorite the Strawberry Margarita made with strawberries, lime zest, and yes, tequila and triple sec. It’s like eating a summer cocktail. The Cooking Channel sums it up best when they say: “Kristy Greenwood is an artist when it comes to her cookie creations, from the shape, flavor to the texture – every aspect of her 40 plus cookies are curated.”

Order Gourmet Cookies online at Victory Love + Cookies!

Pricing: 6 chocolate chip cookies for $14.50, but let’s not pretend you’ll only order six.

Shipping: Cookies are shipped Monday through Wednesday via USPS Priority Mail. In a pinch and need it faster? Kristy’s phone and email are right on the ordering page.

Send Cookies! Order gourmet cookies online at Victory Love + Cookies!

Gift Box of Gourmet Cookies to Order online from Victory Love Cookies
Chocolate Chip Cookie Kit
Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you want to send the freshest cookies possible, nothing beats homemade! The gourmet cookie mixes from Eat Salty Sweet Bakery makes it so easy. With 1 egg, 1 stick of butter, and 12 minutes in a 375 degree oven, you can have 20 freshly baked cookies ready to go! The Cookie Kits include:

– 1 bag of flour with leavening ingredients
-1 bag of chocolate chip discs from Guittard
-1 bag of homemade vanilla infused sugar
– baking instructions

At just $15 per cookie kit, consider stocking up on these just to have in the cabinet in case a baking urge hits. It’s like having a pastry sous chef on call.

Choose from classic chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin.

Order Gourmet Cookie Kits Online at Eat Salty Sweet!

Pricing: One kit will make 20 cookies: $15.00.

Shipping: Orders of $50+ ship for free.

Order Cookies online at Eat Salty Sweet Bakery

Most Colossal Cookies: City Cakes, New York, New York

Order Chocolate Chip Cookies online from City Cakes Bakery
City Cakes Half-Pound Cookies Arrive Individually Wrapped in a Pack of Eight — That is 4 Pounds of Cookies!
Order Chocolate Chip Cookies online for delivery
This is What a Stack of Eight 8-oz. Cookies Looks Like: Four Pounds of Deliciousness

Okay, what’s your angle? Are you sending cookies to say congratulations, happy birthday, or thank you? Are you trying to cheer someone up? Or do you need to send an apology that can’t be ignored?

We’ve found the cookie that is the equivalent of sending your message in ALL CAPS.

City Cakes cookies weigh a half pound each. They are New York City’s version of an “Urban Legend” that just happens to be true. Big? Yes. But don’t assume these cookies let their size carry the day. The chef’s at City Cakes are devoted to quality ingredients with a ratio of dough to chip that ensures the cookie doesn’t overwhelm with sweetness.

Choose from classic flavors like Chocolate Chip, Ginger Spice, or Hearty Oatmeal, or increase the surprise factor by choosing Red Velvet, Triple Chocolate Spice, or the gluten-friendly Macamochip made with macadamia nuts, milk chocolate chips and filled with a layer of Nutella.

The cookies are baked and shipped the same day, individually wrapped in a pack of eight. That’s right, 8 cookies = a box of four pounds of freshly-made cookies. City Cakes knows 8 big cookies may be a lot for some, but the individually packaged cookies freeze well and return to their fresh-baked goodness with just a few minutes in a 350 degree oven or a few seconds in the microwave.

Order Cookies Online from City Cakes Bakery!

Pricing: A sleeve of eight individually wrapped 8 ounce cookies (total weight: 4 pounds), $40.00

Shipping: City Cakes bakes and ships your cookies the same day Monday through Friday. At checkout be sure to indicate if your order is a gift so a note can be included. Shipping via Priority Mail comes in at less than $10 if the delivery address is near New York, around $12 to addresses in the mid-west, and around $20 to addresses in the west.

Send Cookies! Order cookies online from City Cakes Bakery

You could also send Wicked Good Cupcakes, the made from scratch, ready-to-eat cupcakes in a jar.

The LA Reader says Milk Jar Cookies are “Possibly the best fresh cookies in town.” Oh yeah? We sent our Los Angeles taster to go see. A half a dozen warm cookies later, he texted in to Eat Gift Love HQ that they were indeed fresh and really good. Well, that’s what we translated from the one word description he actually texted: “Deece!” (We apologize his description is lacking. He’s young and works for cookies. He’s not yet reached the descriptive heights of, say, an Anthony Bourdain. But we are confident in his judgment.)

What’s fun about ordering cookies from Milk Jar is the ability to create a custom box and choose from 15 different flavors that include Banana Split, Birthday Cake, Rocky Road, and White Chocolate Raspberry. Or skip the pressure of choosing and just order the popular assorted box. Order as few as a half dozen ($15) to up to two dozen for online orders ($60). Need more than two dozen? Just give them a call.

Order Gourmet Cookies from Milk Jar Cookies!

Pricing: A half dozen box of individually wrapped cookies is $15, One dozen, $30.

Shipping: Milk Jar only ships on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to ensure delivery by the weekend! Shipping $15

Take me there! Order gourmet cookies online from Milk Jar Cookies

Gourmet Sugar Cookies
Spring Themed Sugar Cookies
Gourmet Sugar Cookies
Thank You Sugar Cookies
Gourmet Sugar Cookies
Birthday Sugar Cookies

Decorated sugar cookies are a time-intensive art. And while EatGiftLove is dedicated to spotlighting smaller artisan bakers, our search revealed that many independent sugar cookie makers simply can’t decorate cookies fast enough to keep up with demand beyond their local market.

But there is one go-to hand-iced decorated sugar cookie source that has balanced creating endlessly creative and adorable sugar cookie designs with high volume demand: Eleni’s.

Eleni’s intricately hand-decorated cookies, made in a nut-free kitchen, are visually irresistible and taste great too. All we ask is that when you’re biting into an Eleni’s cookie, send a vibe of appreciation to the talented artists who piped that design just for you.

Order cookies online at Eleni’s!

Pricing: Ten hand-iced cookies are going to run you $50 and up.

Shipping: Free ground shipping for orders over $65! Otherwise the FedEx Ground flat rate shipping is $9.95. Orders placed before 12pm eastern time ship the same day.

Take me there! Order sugar cookies online at Eleni’s Cookies

Welcome 2021 with some Calm and Wellness
Top-Rated CBD Gummies by Martha Stewart

Best Mail Order Gourmet Italian Cookies Online from Zabar's Bakery
Assorted Italian Cookie Quartet, $27
Best mail order Italian Cookies Online - Black and White Cookie Gift Basket
Vanilla & Chocolate Black & White Cookies

Zabar’s is as New York as it gets. Whether you’re celebrating Hanukkah, Christmas or New Years, Zabar’s bagels, deli meats, and pastries will put you in a New York state of mind. The Black and Whites are particularly fun to eat. Do you eat one side first then the other, or take an equal bite of both sides down the middle? I haven’t decided yet, so I’ll keep practicing.

Order cookies online at Zabar’s!

Pricing: A box of cookies for under $30.

Shipping: Ground shipping.

Send Cookies! Order gourmet cookies online at Zabar’s.

Best Mail order cookies online - Cake Monkey Bakery  Assorted Cookies
Summer Camp Gourmet Cookies
Best Mail Order Gourmet Cookies Online - Gourmet Oreos
The Oreo Sandwich Cookie Reimagined
Best Gourmet Cookies to order online  Delivered from Cake Monkey Bakery, Homemade Yodel
The “Yodel” for Big Kids

Cake Monkey has taken the whimsical snacks from childhood and deliciously reinvented them for grown up tastes. Choose from Summer Camp Chocolate Chip Cookies made gooey and chewy with ingredients like caramelized Rice Krispies and marshmallow.

For those who loved Ding Dongs (a.k.a. Ring Dings) you’ll want to order the Cakewiches, delightful mini cake sandwiches filled with peanut butter & house-made marshmallow, or raspberry and vanilla cream enrobed in bittersweet chocolate. Do you crave a Yodel? Try Cake Monkey’s El Rollos.

Or try the Oreo Cookie reinvented as the “Big O” with a scrumptious butter cream sandwiched between two gourmet chocolate cookies. We could go on, but be a big kid and go see for yourself!

Free Shipping!

Order cookies online at Cake Monkey Bakery, or order directly by phone 877.640.CAKE (2253).

Rainbow Chocolate Chip Cookies. Order online from Baked in Color
Celebrate with Rainbow Chocolate Chip Cookies
Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake Delivered from Baked in Color
8 1/2 inch Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

Julie Waxman, founder of Baked In Color. has perfected stop-in-your-tracks-vibrant rainbow-colored chocolate chip cookies. Baked in Color can do any color combination you can think of—including those of your favorite college or sports team.

Made by hand every day, each dough color is rolled out and then twisted with others to create the delightfully psychedelic color combos. Extra chocolate chips are sprinkled on top right before baking giving the cookies an even yummier taste and an irresistible look.

Ready to give a little crazy?

Order cookies online at Baked In Color!

Pricing: Cookie tins begin at $25 for 12 cookies. Yes you can choose a variety of cookie colors for your tin. If you want themed colors for an event, they can accommodate you.

Shipping: Free Shipping! Gifts ship Monday – Thursday and do not ship over the weekends to assure freshness.

Send Cookies! Order cookies online at Baked in Color

Order Lemon Sugar Cookies Online at Ruby Snap
“Lily” Lemon Sugar Cookie with Lemon Glaze
Order Chocolate Cherry Chip Cookies Online at Ruby Snap Bakery
“Suzie” Tart Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies
Order Chocolate Chip Citrus Cookies from Ruby Snap Bakery
“Vivienne” Mango, Dark Chocolate and Citrus Cookies

Ruby Snap Cookies are the retro-inspired glamour girls of the cookie world. Each of the 18 flavors on the cookie menu is named like a pin-up girl—Margo, Lola or Lilly—to highlight the beauty and seductive quality of each cookie. The tongue in cheek silliness works. You’ll be seduced.

Yes, you can get your chocolate fix with flavors that include Coffee Toffee (“Nina”) and Peanut Butter Truffle (“Penelope”). But you’ll really be turned on by the tart come-ons of “Zoey” a Blueberry Lemon Chia cookie with a tart, fresh-squeezed lemon juice glaze, or “Lilly” a Lemon Sugar Cookie with Lemon Heads and a fresh-squeezed lemon glaze (best eaten upside down so the glaze dazzles your tongue with a mouth watering tartness). Or surrender yourself to the siren call of “Suzie” and her rosy-pink glow of tart cherries, a zig-zag of milk chocolate, and her sparkling pink shimmer of sugar.

Let’s Shop Ruby Snap Cookies!

Pricing: One dozen cookies start at $23.50.

Shipping: For one dozen cookies, shipping within Utah is $13 standard shipping. Outside of Utah it’s $22.95 2-day standard shipping—we used zip codes on the east coast, midwest and in the west, and this number didn’t budge.

Send Cookies! The cookie menu is here where you can familiarize yourself with the flavors, order cookies online here.

Best Mail Order Gourmet Cookies Online - Chocolate Chip Cookies
One Dozen Valrhona Chocolate Chip Cookies, $55
Best Mail Order Gourmet Chocolate Chip Cookies Online From Craftsman and Wolves
As if the Cookie Doesn’t Already Own You

Our readers are crazy for chocolate chip cookies, so we’ll point you to Craftsman & Wolves handmade Valrhona Chocolate Chip Cookies, named Tasting Table’s “Bay Area’s 8 Best Chocolate Chip Cookies.” These cookies have a crisp edge, a chewy center, and are studded with chunks of Valrhona chocolate and topped with a touch of vanilla sea salt.

12 delicious gourmet cookies for $55 (shipping included). Ingredients: flour, baking soda, baking powder, butter, sugar, brown sugar, eggs, vanilla, Valrhona 80% chocolate, maldon sea salt.

Free Shipping!
Gourmet Cookies, Assorted
Gourmet Cookies Delivered From Cake Chicago
Gourmet Cookies, Individually Wrapped
Individually Wrapped Cookies for Freshness
Gourmet Cookies, Chocolate Sandwich Cookies
Chubby Wubby Sandwich Cookies

Cake specializes in elegant gourmet cookies that would be right at home on the cover of a Martha Stewart magazine. The cookies and brownies are individually packaged so they remain ultra fresh. Topping it off is the lovely packaging that’s sure to impress anyone lucky enough to receive a gift from Cake. Thanks to its elegance we vote this as an ideal gift to send as a thank you, a client gift, or any occasion where a touch of tea room fanciness is in order.

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Jaques Torres, New York, New York

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5 inch wide Gourmet Chocolate Chip Cookies by Jaques Torres

Famous in New York and internationally as an uncompromising chocolatier, Jaques Torres makes gourmet chocolate chip cookies that are an elegant and rich version of everyone’s favorite cookie. Each cookie measures 5 inches in diameter. Jacques uses his rich, house blend 60% dark chocolate baking discs, which means this cookie skews to the adult tastes, or kids with a discerning palate.

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